A Little Space Adventure


A Little Space Adventure

My BA thesis work at Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.


View-Master device and a collectible figurine of the main character

Along with the main written part of my thesis, the work consists of a customised View-Master device, image reel containing 7 stereo image pairs, a limited edition collectible figurine, and a package. The View-Master device was exhibited at group exhibition in Gallery Magito, Helsinki in 2015. After that the viewer and the figurine were on exhibit at Design Festa Gallery in Japan in 2016. 


Stereo image pairs 

The visual part of the work was a scifi themed series of seven stereo images that is viewed with a View-Master system. The technical aspect of my work is mostly based on 3D graphics, with some photographic elements filling the gaps in between. The narrative is open ended and non-linear, and the story is left open for interpretation. The narrative style took inspiration from travel photo albums of the past in which each image might be related to each other or not, and without having further knowledge of the context, each viewer makes his/her own interpretations.

The actual images are made of two slightly differing images that, when viewed with a stereo viewer, create the impression of a three dimensional space. However, due to the limitations related to viewing the images from a normal screen, the images here are only normal 2D pictures. 


I made a custom package for the separate parts of my thesis. For the View-Master device I prepared a foam insert, in which the figurine also had its own place. The book had a slot inside the cover. The letters on the package were laser cut from the cover of the book and reused. 

A Little Space Adventure / Book

The actual written book of my thesis was divided into five parts that deal with my own background and works that have inspired my thesis, 3D graphics, stereo imaging, and finally the actual process of learning and creating. My goal was to find out how 3D graphics, photography and stereo imaging can be used together and how the choices related to them affect the way the fictional visual story is experienced.

A few spreads from inside the book.