Curious Creatures


Curious Creatures 

Curious Creatures

A collection of characters combining various formats ranging from plush toys to traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls.

Mixed media. Height: Framed face 17cm, plush toy 16cm, kokeshi doll 21cm. Exhibited in Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo (Japan) and Gallery Takeno in Nara (Japan) in 2016. 

Curious Soaps

A small soap collection based on the Curious Creatures series. The original sculpt was silicon molded and cast in coloured soap pulp, with an added light fragrance of lavender.

Another intent of this project was to explore the possibilities of a simple one-part concave mold. I thought about various kinds of uses for the same shape, that could be used with molding all kinds of materials. I came up with a variety of items and goods that could be created with the same mold, such as chocolate, candles, soap, plastic faces for plush toys, erasers, purely decorative items and ice cubes. I chose to make soap, as I wanted to try out a new material and had an idea that giving handmade soap as a Christmas present might be nice.

2015. Soap pulp, colour pigment, fragrance. 7,5×6×4cm.

Lallaland Critters

A series of cute, tiny collectible figurines. Made in collaboration with graphic designer / illustrator Noora Kyöstilä. We wanted to create a series of small creature figurines, kind of totem animals, that you could keep with you at all times as a lucky charm, or to give as a gift to a special person.

I made the shapes and Noora was in charge of designing the paint works. The figurines were silicon molded and cast in resin. Packaging was also designed by us. We liked the idea of a simple but cute matchbox style, and made custom laser cut cardboard boxes. Filled with natural lamb wool, each box made a cozy home for it’s tiny inhabitant. 

The figurines were sold both online and at handmade/design events in the fall of 2015. 2015. Polymer clay, acrylic paint. 

Deep Sea Dwellers

A family of extraordinary creatures that live somewhere in the deep, unknown abysses of our seas.

2016. Polymer clay, acrylic paint. Height 30cm. Exhibited in Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo (Japan) and Gallery Takeno in Nara (Japan) in 2016.

Plush Creatures

A needle felted plush toy. 

Wool. 2017.