Default Relations


Default Relations

Human relationships of this era rely on artificial behavioural models, norms and rules more than ever before. Interaction with others has become more and more specialized and superficial, and everyone has a specific place in the vast network of human relationships throughout the world. Through this work I aim to express my thoughts and feelings related on this theme.

Default Relations is a work that consists of three parts: a figure made of plastic cups, a series of plaster cast shapes of plastic cups and a photograph printed on cheap newsprint paper. 

Exhibited at Lahti Institute of Design in 2013.

I wanted to base my work on the simple idea of a disposable plastic cup. To me it represents many things: temporality, insignificancy, waste, disposability. Along with these mainly negative associations it also contains positive feelings such as ease, lightness and cleanliness. Most of all, Iā€™m interested in the anonymous character of the mass-produced, cheap and simple product that a disposable plastic cup is.