Finnish Sauna Granpa


Finnish Sauna Grandpa

A collectible action figurine based on the archetype of an old Finnish guy, who enjoys spending time in a traditional Finnish sauna and dipping in a chilly lake every now and then. 

I was inspired by both the material and the specific and unique style that is usually associated with Japanese soft vinyl toys. I wanted to make my own toy that would have some references to the original genre, while adding something unusual, new and very Finnish. As sauna is an inseparable part of Finnish culture and traditions, I decided to have that as a starting point. I took a slightly unusual approach to it in the form of an old Finnish man which, to me, represents many deeper aspects of Finnish culture and society.

The work is still an ongoing project. Seen in the picture is a prototype made of polymer clay. The figurine has five movable joints in neck, arms and legs. In the time of writing I am remaking the figure with an intent of releasing the product as a Japanese soft-vinyl toy in the near future. 

2016. Polymer clay, acrylic paint. Five movable joints. Height 16cm.