Implantona, a Finnish company providing training, equipment and materials related to dental implants, updated it's visual brand identity. The update was related to Implantona being acquired by Plandent, a major Finnish dental supplier. I was in charge of figuring out how to bring the two brands visually together, and have been making most of their advertising materials since then.  


The digital workflow of dental implant treatment front and back covers


I chose Merriweather and Fira Sans as the typefaces. I wanted a combination that would fit the field of healthcare that requires a feeling of humanity and trust, but with a touch of  "technology" as well. I also needed something that would allow me to handle more academically oriented subjects properly too. Together Merriweather and Fira Sans allow a wide range of possibilities in regards to creative expression fitting these requirements without either one seeming out of place, so they were a good match. 


While doing the update for Implantona's brand identity, I made them several new brochures based on the new look. The goal was to make easy to understand, clean visual material with only the minimum needed elements. There was a need for a format that could be made into new brochures relatively easily, so the back cover was reserved for course details and other changing information, while the inside would be of more static nature. 

The digital workflow of dental implant treatment seen from inside

Bone & Soft Tissue Symposium brochure, inside

Bone & Soft Tissue Symposium brochure, front cover

A brochure for the course The essentials of implant surgery

Email newsletters

Since the renewal of Implantona's graphical identity, I've also been in charge of designing, compositing and sending their email newsletters. As the newsletter platform we chose the versatile and easily customisable Mailchimp service. 

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Stationery and promotional materials

Following the renewal of Implantona's brand identity, a number of new promotional materials needed to be updated. I created all kinds of things such as basic stationery, lanyards, rollups and other promotional items. 


One of the biggest single changes for Implantona was the renewal of their website. It was made on top of the CMS used in the whole enterprise that Implantona is part of. That set certain requirements, but on the other hand made it more easy to make the website structurally more similar to it's mother company's other sites. As with Implantona's other new materials, the overal look was kept simple and clean and all the material easily accessable.