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えいごism (Eigoism)


えいごism (Eigoism)

Eigoism, a Japanese website focusing on subjects related to English education in Japan, as well as current issues around the world, hired me for designing a new website for them. What they needed, were layouts for both desktop and mobile versions, typographical guidelines, a colour scheme, plus a set of styles to be used in banner images. A series of icons were also made for their use during the process. 

The larger sections of the site were marked each with their respective symbols. Also a same style of drop-down menu icon was included in the set. I went for a bit playful and colourful style to match their energetic and positive feel in their articles. A feeling of craftiness and creativity was included through the visual language of some graphical elements. 

The main category icons for both white background as well as negative white versions to be used over blue background.

The main colours for the site were chosen to be darkish gray and a fresh aqua/teal blue. Blue had been their main colour before both throughout their previous website and also in their logo, which they wanted to retain in it's original form, so I made use of that as the main colour of the site. Complementing colours were used for colour coding article categories. 


Museo was used for headlines, category links and other special locations, while Source Han Sans was the main typeface everywhere else. The structure heavily relies on hierarchy by weight and size variation.