Illustrative Graphics for Planmeca Group

Planmeca Group Illustrative Graphics

Planmeca wanted to have graphical elements that could be used throughout their advertising materials. The simple iconographical illustrative elements were created to so that they could be used both together and by themselves in the respective areas each of them are related to. They have been since used widely within printed and digital materials of Planmeca Group, from small promotional items such as chocolate wrappings and napkins to brochures and websites, and on large walls in exhibition booths around the world. 

Company introduction brochure

The first main application of the illustration was an introduction about Planmeca Group on the pages of a brochure. I created all the graphic elements and the composed the layout, which was divided into three spreads. The content of the first spread dealt with data about sales, export and turnover, and the following pages described the company structure and the goals and values that Planmeca Group believes in. 

Romexis Software

The infographic-styled icons further evolved into forming the main illustrative element of Romexis software, that forms the core of all of Planmeca Groups main product. It's the software that connects dental units, x-ray devices, milling units and other hardware systems into a cloud-based network. The main idea was to form the illustration based on the slogan "The Heart of Your Clinic." and the literal take on the form of heart was a quite logical way of representing the idea. 

Planmeca made use of the graphics extensively at the world's largest dental fair IDS in Cologne in 2017, such as in the Dream clinic show, which was one of their main events.  

(Image: Planmeca Group)

Watch the video to see how Planmeca's Dream Clinic show looked like and how the graphics were used around the dental fair. Video: © Planmeca Oy,