Planmeca Group


Planmeca Group

I have been working for Planmeca Group several times during the past years, both as a freelancer and a full-time employee. My jobs there has included tasks from many fields, including (but not limited to) product photography, documentary/event photography, graphic design, illustration and image editing. 


Photographing people for advertising purposes, company magazines, internal use and for press was an essential part of my daily work at Planmeca. The tasks varied greatly from freeform documenting to arranging carefully set up studio photoshoots. 

Aerial photography

Besides photographing Planmeca's premises from inside the buildings and on ground level, I also did some drone photography. 

Product photography

Planmeca has a continuing need for photographing new and upcoming products. Product photoshoots were one of my main responsibilities while working for Planmeca Group. Most of the items were relatively mundane objects such as simple product packages for disposable items, drill bits, and liquid bottles. However, I also was responsible for photographing small to medium size medical equipment and machinery as well. 

Illustrative product photography concept

Planmeca Golf Arena 

A few illustrations for Planmeca Golf Arena, who needed material for promoting them before opening their services in 2015.