The Lost Decade

In the beginning of the 1990’s the huge economic bubble of Japan collapsed. What followed was a long depression, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs. Wages fell down while suicide rates rose high. The economical situation was a mess and it lasted for a long time, during which a whole new generation was born and raised into adulthood. That period of time has been called The Lost Decade. 

Around the same time, the economy of Finland also sank into depression. It had a deep effect on people both on national and private level. The depression had a big impact on the economical situation of my family as well. I was born right into the middle of the crisis which also greatly affected my own childhood in many ways. 

The Lost Decade is a work that comments on this period of time. It also also has references to the literary worlds of Haruki Murakami, whose works have not only inspired me in my work, but often dealed with the time before Japan’s economical collapse as well.

2013. Sculpture. Wood (alder), concrete. 48×15×15cm.
Exhibited at Lahti Institute of Art and Design in 2013.


The Characteristics of Politics

The word politics can be defined as meaning the total complex of relations between people living in a society.

Usually however, it’s associated with the constant struggle of power and governmental control. It’s a never-ending clash of opposing opinions, a push-and-pull action that changes it’s direction all the time. Most of all, it’s a sensitive structure controlled by a relatively small chosen group of people, while still being affected by outside forces.

The Characteristics of Politics is a visualization based on that theme. 

Sculpture, 2016.Concrete, wood. 26×16,5×32cm